Travel information


We are aware of the fact that people may have issues with travelling internationally, since we still have the Covid-pandemic around the world and also the war in Ukraine.

Regarding the Covid-pandemic the situation is stable in Sweden with low rates of infections and hospitalizations since many months now. 

During the two years with the pandemic, these rates have been very low in summertime.

We have no restrictions at all in Sweden, and there are no restrictions entering Sweden from abroad. See further information here on official web-sites:

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Sweden is of course quite close to Russia. The war is at the moment not affecting safety in Sweden at all. Even though we of course can not guarantee anything, the risk of that situation changing must be judged very low. Sweden is not yet a member of NATO, but it seems very likely that we will apply for membership very soon. 

If you want to follow the situation in Sweden, here is the official government website:

We will update information about the safety situation, if necessary, through e-mails and on the web-site.

We strongly advise you to take advise on your travel plans to Sweden from your own countries authorities and travel agencies since conditions may be different and changing regarding transits on the way to Sweden.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Find your way to Hooks herrgård

Hooks herrgård is located 30km south of Jönköping. Jönköping is one of the ten largest cities in Sweden, located by the lake Vättern in the southern parts of the country. The easiest way to travel to the venue, Hooks herrgård, is to travel by Jönköping. 

The closest major airport is Landvetter airport, located in Gothenburg – the second largest city in Sweden. The distance between Gothenburg and Jönköping is 130 km, or approximately 1.5 hours by car. From Landvetter airport a cost-effective alternative is to take bus number 830 ( Or you can rent a car. Rental cars are available at the airport.

With these advice we wish you a convenient journey

The venue – Hooks herrgård

The meeting will take place in Hooks herrgård, 30km south of central Jönköping. The main building was built as a residence and completed in the 18th century, but today it is a modern hotel and conference facility that offers fantastic food and activities such as golf, padel and spa.